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Thursday, September 21, 2006


Courtney Love inspires Whitney Houston NOT to quit a minute before the miracle?!!

Could the bad girl rocker be the sponsor and inspiration behind Whitney's about face? According to Perez Hilton, "Courtney Love has been to hell and back and the rock legend is using her survivor status to help fellow embattled singer Whitney Houston. Courtney and Whitney have forged a new friendship and it is with the help of Kurt Cobain's widow and Bobby Brown's soon-to-be former wife kicked drugs (as reported in this week's Us Weekly)."

Wow, do we want this item to be TRUE. One day at a time, girls. The highest high is in helping others, just ask Angelina!

Things are never what they seem...The coroner in the case of Anna Nicole Smith's tragic son Daniel got a pink slip yesterday, and it looks unlikely that a coroner's inquest will EVER be convened. According to today's NY POST, the spin offered by the Bahama's Chief Judge Roger Gomez goes something like this: "Partly because of the Anna Nicole Smith case, a number of persons have complained to the court how this case is being heard in such a short period of time (Oct 23). We are trying to get rid of a backlog." The Chief Judge seems to be challenging his fired coroner's initial findings, saying: "So far they (Anna Nicole's own pathologist Cyril Wecht, et al) have not been able to determine a cause of death. If the reports state it's natural causes, there will be no need for an inquest."

Celebrities are different than you & me. They can: (a) get justice quicker than anyone else, (2) delay justice indefinitely, (3) escape justice totally. Who knows what really cause young Daniel's death. Some theories: he took a combination of legally prescribed and over-the-counter drugs that were lethal, it was an undiagnosed heart problem or aneurysm. A young man dies in a hospital room while visiting his mother and is discovered when it's too late. Fact is stranger than fiction. There are reports that Anna Nicole is sedated most of the time, but in her waking moments, she keeps repeating: "I can't believe my baby's gone." No matter what one thinks of the public Anna Nicole, deepest, heartfelt condolences go out to the mother on the loss of her precious son.

Liz Taylor gives the middle finger to old age & poor health! According to the British tabloid, the Daily Mail, the 8 times married 74-year old movie legend and perfume tycoon left her wheelchair and "donned a mask and snorkel, and plunged feet first into the Pacific Ocean for a shark-viewing expedition. Later describing the experience as the 'most exciting thing' she's ever done." Never-say-die Elizabeth gamely went into a lO ft. x 6 ft. Plexiglas cage and was lowered into shark infested waters.

In this youth besotted culture, never ever count a feisty old broad out. Some people see challenges as stumbling blocks, while others see them as stepping stones. It's never too late or too early to make your choice and own your dream.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Mourning Mom Sells Out Before Rites

The NY POST reports that Anna Nicole Smith's 20 year old son Daniel was taking antidepressants after a heartbreaking split with his girlfriend. He died September 10 in his mother's hospital room in Nassau, the Bahamas while visiting her and his newborn sister. A producer on Anna Nicole's last movie, Illegal Alien, reported that Daniel was hospitalized with an irregular heartbeat during the filming, according to Fox entertainment reporter Dorothy Lucey. The mystery into his death after uncontrollably coughing up blood and vomit deepens with conflicting pathologists' findings: Anna Nicole's independent investigator says after his autopsy of young Smith that he hasn't detetmined the cause of death. The local coroner told TMZ less than a week before that she was certain what killed him.

Meanwhile, according to TMZ: "Representatives for Anna Nicole Smith have wrangled more than $600,000 from the glossies and TV outlets for pictures taken of Daniel Smith and his mother and baby half-sister just before his death hours later."

Anna Nicole was reportedly inconsolable after her son's death and had to be sedated. As a teenage mom, she and Daniel had a close bond and grew up together. He remained steadfastly loving, and a little bit embarrassed during her wild drug use, public battles with weight and a lengthy court battle for her share of the estate of her late 89-year old tycoon husband. How does a grief stricken mother negotiate a deal for her late son's images before the funeral is even scheduled? Maybe we're downright antediluvian...

Howard Stern might be finding out that conventional wisdom is just that: Folks don't want to pay for something they're used to getting for free. The NY POST reports that since Stern left terrestial radio at CBS for pay radio ($13 a month subscriptions) and a $500 million deal at Sirius last January, "traffic to Stern's Web site was down a whopping 71 percent and his search-engine action plunged 90 percent."

Maybe the model to look to is the Internet with its video and audio podcasts. Advertising revenues fuel most enterprises, not paid subscriptions. TO REPEAT, PEOPLE DON'T WANT TO PAY FOR WHAT THEY'RE USED TO GETTING FOR FREE, even if you are the self-proclaimed "King of All Media".

The British newspaper, Daily Mail, reports that, "Brad Pitt has been lined up to replace Tom Cruise in the next Mission Impossible film. It is a move that will make Pitt the highest paid actor in Hollywood history. Paramount Pictures, the company behind the franchise, ended their long-running partnership with Cruise and is planning to install Pitt in the lead role."

The morality tale here: careful whose couch you jump on and which new mother you criticize for post-partum depression...

Question of the day: Were screen icons Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy really the romantic couple offscreen that has been portrayed in Hollywood legend or was there a buried, deep dark secret?

Listen to our podcast and read our blog, "Angelina Jolie & Kate Hepburn: Honesty And Lesbian Flings Are Sexy" COMING SOON!!!

Now, be the FIRST to go out and spin the down and dirty truth behind the headlines...

Monday, September 18, 2006

Young Hollywood Goes Wild

"Mary Kate Olsen has been the victim of man-stealers in the past. (She lost Stavros Niarchos to Paris Hilton, who then lost him to Lindsay Lohan)... kept a tight rein on her new unidentifiable "rocker-type beau" when she and sister Ashley hung out at Bungalow 8," according to "Page Six". The tiny twin got into a huge fight with another gal and then started a torrid make-out session with him to mark her territory.

Stavros Niarchos is the grandson of the late shipping billionaire who married two sisters, TINA ONASSIS and her sister EUGENIE. They both ended up dead during their marriage to the elder Niarchos. Many suspect Niarchos beat Eugenie to death. Tina then married him to spite her ex-husband ARISTOTLE ONASSIS, Niarchos's rival in the Greek shipping business. The international beauty was found dead of a drug overdose shortly thereafter. So Mary Kate, Paris and Lindsay better a rocker-type beau than a Greek bearing gifts!!

Speaking of Lindsay Lohan, she's been hospitalized again after breaking her left wrist in two places after a fall at a New York Fashion Week party on Friday. She flew home to LA and the fabulous reports that Lindsay paid another visit to the ER on Sunday. "She appeared to be in alot of pain and a hospital source reveals she was prescribed painkillers."

Could Lindsay still have been upset after a yelling match with her mom Dina at a NY restaurant where they were celebrating Dina's 60th birthday party? Distraction is one of the leading causes of accidents. Lindsay told her mom to "go to hell" according to the NY POST, and stormed out leaving her mother "crying and shaking". Seems Dina got distracted too, failing to leave a tip on the $2,000 bill. Both distracted ladies did get together the next evening after Dina drove in from her Long Island home to visit Lindsay in the ER. Perhaps a little less partying and more quality family time in therapy would help?!!

Can You Guess Who? From "Page Six" of the NY POST..."WHICH famous tycoon's ex-wife keeps getting "exhausted"? Every few months, she checks into the Passages of Malibu rehab center for a "rest"... Seems poet Edna St. Vincent Millay was on to something over 70 years ago when she wrote: "My candle burns at both ends, it will not last the night..." Fame & fortune can be good for the wallet and ego but bad for one's health.

What's Johnny Depp's pet fetish since his high school days?

For the answer, listen to Thursday's Starr Secrets podcast!!

Now go out there and have a great day making everyone's head SPIN!!