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Wednesday, November 08, 2006


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Tuesday, November 07, 2006


A Los Angeles judge tossed out Britney Spears' defamation lawsuit against US Weekly for
publishing rumors that she and her husband Kevin Federline had made a sex videotape.
The story appeared in the glossy tabloid on Oct. 17, 2005: "Brit and Kev: Secret Sex Tape? New parents have new worry."

Superior Court Judge Lisa Hart Cole ruled that the pop tart with the hypersexed public image cannot be defamed by this published report as, "the plaintiff herself has put her modern sexuality squarely, and profitably, before the public eye."

Let's get real! In this day and age, it's hardly actionable to allege that someone has made a sex videotape. Britney can't have it both ways. She's tongued Madonna in front of millions at the Grammy Awards, filmed her cheater husband stark naked for millions of reality show
gawkers and dressed like a lascivious Lolita strip queen for most of her uber-successful shows. If anyone has a beef it's PETA advocate Pamela Anderson. She had a private tape of her and well-hung hubby, Tommy "The Salami" Lee, stolen from her home and sold over the Internet for megamillions. She lost her lawsuit. Talk about a raw deal!!


Oy vey, the latest ordained-by-mail jailhouse minister is none other than Lindsay Lohan's
career criminal dad, Michael, reports Cindy Adams of the New York Post. (See our podcast and blog on "Stars with Jailbird Dads") After a 20 year career of stock fraud, vicious assaults, death threats against his family, and a losing battle with drugs and alcohol, this loser has now been "saved".

"I've taken a Bible college mail course from Global University and been ordained in the Assemblies of God Ministry. When I'm out, I'll be a minister. The pastor in prison works with me. Maybe that's why all this happened, why I'm here. To help people."

The jailbird dad, who's just been denied parole, is talking to the New York literary agent who represents Barack Obama and Judge Judy about a how-to, self-help, pop culture, inspirational, "I've been saved and seen the light" book.

To think, they remove voiceboxes from poor peacocks just so that they remain a thing of beauty, silent and not screeching in their high octave squawk. And this creepy dad can't be shut up even in prison. Luckily for the family, he has to do at least another 10 months before he breaks out with a book and a weekly visit to his parole officer. The publishing industry seems to be in one of the deeper circles of Dante's hell. Paris Hilton and Pam Anderson are now bestselling authors...


"She's a sweetheart. She's in the eye of the storm all the time. We expect maybe too much from her privately. We want her to be sexy and then demure on demand. She's just doing what every 19 or 20 year old is doing. But very professional on the set."

Joshua Jackson, co-star on the movie "Bobby" with Lindsay Lohan


Joe DiMaggio's niece June claims in her new book, "Marilyn, Joe and Me" that Marilyn Monroe was talking on the phone with her mother 36 years ago when assassins crept into the blonde sex goddess' disheveled bedroom, attacked her and stuffed a fatal Nembutal suppository up her rectum. June DiMaggio alleges that the notorious Chicago Mafioso Sam Giancana, a lover of Monroe's, was behind the hit, which was ordered to permanently shut up the drug addled, boozed up, loose lipped star.

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. There was no indication in the coroner's report that the sleeping pills entered her bloodstream from the usual oral intake, and the phone was found off the hook. Why was her psychiatrist called first by the housekeeper and not an ambulance. Hours later when an ambulance was called, they took her body out only to be summoned back to the house. Marilyn's corpse was then positioned on the bed to await the arrival of the police.

MADONNA TAKES NEW SON TO VISIT AILING DAD reported two weeks ago that Madonna's father is suffering from cancer.
New world traveler, little David Banda Ciccone Ritchie, accompanied by his siblings Lourdes and Rocco, will be visiting the Material Girl's ailing dad in Michigan and meet his new grandpa.

Kudos to Madonna! The baby is a welcome addition to her family and is being treated as such. Alot of celebs leave their kids home with the nanny, but not ubermensch mom Madonna. Brava!!


"Only the good girls keep diaries. The bad girls don't have time."

Tallulah Bankhead, a raunchy southern belle who by her own admission was: "
pure as the driven slush."


A Michigan woman won't be charged after trying to sell mummified human remains on eBay.
The remains were once part of a Scottish anatomist's collection that came to the U.S. in 1820.

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